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Code of Ethics

Comply with all AKC rules and regulations.

Act in a sportsmanlike manner and not deliberately degrade other exhibitors,
breeders or their dogs.

Maintain a high standard of health, care and cleanliness for your dogs.

Truthfully and realistically represent the Brittany being sold in terms of quality,
health and genetic history.

Refuse to sell to commercial wholesalers, retailers or research laboratories.

When selling a Brittany known to manifest hereditary defects detrimental to the breed,
use spay/neuter agreements and/or consider the possibility of limited registration
for lesser-quality dogs and protect the long-term interest of the breed

Provide a minimum three generation pedigree with each dog sold.

Keep the French and American strains of Brittanys separate.

No dog owner should attempt a breeding without the ability to distinguish between the correct and incorrect. Such ability presupposes a careful study of the breed standard, the basic principles of genetics and the pedigrees of prospective sires and dams.

Prior to breeding your Brittany, consult with your breeder or with knowledgeable and experienced members of the Michigan Brittany Club.

Breeders should only breed stock which is temperamentally and physically sound and in good health. No dog or bitch should be bred that is known to have any serious inheritable defect or disease such as listed below:

a. canine hip dysplasia

b. epilepsy - a seizure disorder

c. inherited heart defects

d. extreme shyness or viciousness

e. undescended testicles (male dogs)

Breeding should be undertaken only when the breeder is in a position to properly care for the bitch and litter. You should recognize that it may be necessary to care for offspring for possibly 6 months or longer and you should be prepared to provide suitable facilities and care during this period.

No bitch should be bred more than twice in any 2 year period. The physical and mental well-being of the bitch is the prime consideration at this time. All bitches should be given a pre-breeding physical and a brucellosis check.

The stud dog should be bred selectively. The owner of the stud dog should discourage the individual who wants to breed an inferior quality bitch or one who is unsuitable for the stud. A pre-breeding brucellosis check is necessary. The stud dog owner should be certain that the owner of the bitch has the necessary knowledge and facilities to properly care for the puppies for as long as is required to properly place them.

Have OFA certification numbers (for canine hip dysplasia) on both sire and dam.

Although preferred Sire and dam are not required to be title-holders.

Upon sale of puppies, tails should be docked, dewclaws removed, initial shots given and worming should be administered.

Remember that your responsibilities as a breeder do not end when you sell the puppies. A breeder's knowledge and reputation should be enhanced through contact with puppy buyers throughout the life span of the puppies. The information gained through this contact will enhance your breeding knowledge, improving your foundation for a good long-term breeding program, as well as pedigree and total litter mate evaluations.


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